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The FIFA World Cup 2014: A Success or Failure?


















The FIFA world cup 2014 is nearby. It'll be among the rare opportunities for the state to encourage tourism as millions of devotees get to not only watch football but also investigate its amazing sceneries, fauna and flora.



Brazil has a well-equipped primary stadium with a huge capacity to adapt thousands of fans. Other places are either being built or refurbished in preparation for the great occasion. Though there isn't any considerably noticeable change, it's incredible that Brazil will host thousands of visitors thanks to the tournament.



Talking of the occasion itself several problems are anticipated particularly in regard to health, transport, infrastructure and security. To begin with, the health services are needing in most public hospitals, medical mistakes are also common. Research implies that in Sao Paulo just the wealthiest city in the country, more than 4,500 medical mistakes are reported yearly!



Transport and infrastructure is another place that need to be looked into. In accordance with The "nine out of twelve stages of world cup training are late and this will be more expensive than anticipated" however, specialists work on this.FIFA 17 Coin generator The greater concern is in regards to transport. The common Brazilian faces problems like overcrowding in buses, trains and other modes of transport.



Traffic jam can also be common in many cities for private means; it's common for the taxi drivers increase prices in order to reap the benefits of such special events. Are there measures put in place to control this kind of practice and control prices? Additionally, how can a visitor or a common citizen report any type of abuse or difficulty and are there professionals to attend to the particular needs presented?



Electricity just isn't reliable sometimes. It takes hours for a blackout to be worked on. Reports already are pointing out that it could be an important hitch in this memorable occasion and you can already wonder how it'll be!



Insecurity is a noteworthy difficulty. One can be assaulted everywhere even at a restaurant while taking dinner! Bandit strikes, children murdering their parents and drug abuse are merely but a few examples that paint a rough picture of the wanting security scenario in the state.



Just like in any state, politics and corruption affect development in Brazil. Cases of corruption in public administration organs are reported but regrettably, there's little enforcement on rules to control the vice. It truly is the wish of every Brazilian that their security systems will one day be rated the finest, transport will be simpler, and quality education and health will be reachable for them resulting in a well-developed country that can support other states. The big question is; how prepared is Brazil to manage emergencies in wellbeing, security, transport and infrastructure?



Little is being done to save the situation as illustrated by issues frequently presented in posts and magazines.



I think that behind its amazing works of nature and delightful people, different areas of development need serious improvement. It's my genuine hope that our great worth be reestablished making us proud Brazilians.



 Welcome as you see Brazil to enjoy its beauty and hospitability of its people recall little knowledge is dangerous so be advised prepare to love the world cup encounter!